Down The Rabbit Hole - Charlotte Hoather

Fiona Maddocks –  Guardian 8th April 2023

“Coloratura soprano Charlotte Hoather. Light-voiced and virtuosic […] The free flow of song, dance, clever piano riffs, mime and sign language absorbed every child present. This tiny enterprise has incalculable resonance.

Mansfield Park - Waterperry Opera Festival

Charlotte Valori –  Bachtrack 30th August 2018

“Waterperry Opera Festival has broken new ground in its first season […] Charlotte Hoather’s precocious, determined Maria Bertram displayed a deep and sensitive understanding of her complex character […] Mansfield Park sparkled with wit and ingenuity from start to finish”

The Christmas Elf – Northern Opera Group - Leeds

Sally Richmond – FairyPoweredProductions 22nd December 2019

“Charlotte Hoather (Christmas Elf) characterised the childlike, excited imp to perfection and sang note-perfect throughout. Every cast member gave captivating and professional performances but the Christ Child (Peyee Chen), really did appear to have angelic and holy powers – bringing the messages of love, family, and togetherness to a transfixed audience.”

Bambino - Scottish Opera

Keith Bruce – The Herald 22nd October 2017

“Hoather, in particular, is exceptional, singing beautifully and engaging with her audience every moment of the performance and beyond. She picks her way carefully between the rug-rats, eyeballing individuals with a vocabulary of expressions as eloquent as her sonic range, which takes in chirping and purring as naturally as coloratura.”

Bambino - Scottish Opera

Fiona Maddocks – The Guardian 14th July 2017

“Uccellina (the outstanding, bewitching young soprano Charlotte Hoather) finds a golden egg, which grows and hatches […] Flowing arpeggios and snatches of melody at times echo baroque opera but BambinO has its own, mercurial character […]Rarely has innocent pleasure felt so vital. BravO Scottish Opera.”

The Fire Of Olympus - Manchester

Thalia Terpsichore – Number 9 Reviews 28th September 2019

“Charlotte Hoather shone as Pandora, here presented as the Presidential Aide who resigns and joins Epimetheus’ gang of rebels. Her clear soprano was especially suited to the nature of the score, and her dramatic performance was strong yet subtle.”

Bambino - Scottish Opera

Kirstin Innes – The Edinburgh Festival List 10th August 2017

“From the moment soprano Charlotte Hoather, playing mama bird Uccellina, opens her mouth, the audience is rapt and silent […]The exaggerated, performative facial expressions are hugely appealing to babies – Hoather’s gorgeous, animated eyes earn lots of gummy smiles as she roams the room”

The Walk From The Garden - Scottish Opera Connect

Mary Brennan – The Herald 19th April 2015

“Jonathan Dove’s The Walk in the Garden thrummed with a somber intensity that demanded much, of the soloists especially. Inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, Dove uses the expulsion of Adam (Glen Cunningham) and Eve (Charlotte Hoather) from Eden into an earthly wasteland to echo our own self-inflicted loss of natural habitat through climate change.

A fierce, compelling work to which young voices gave a touching truth.”


Alkan, Liszt, Mahler, Schubert and Wagner Societies dinner recital

Peter Grove – The Alkan Society 17th January 2018

“I  can sometimes be uncomfortable watching a singer who expresses everything in the face as well as the voice. This performance, however, was irresistible and done with such charm that one could not avoid being caught up in the emotion.  With such a beautiful voice as well as acting ability, Charlotte surely has a fine career ahead in both song recitals and opera.”

Dance of The Furies – Skipton Camerata - Skipton

Charles Dobson – Craven Herald 19th March 2020

“The Camerata was joined by the London-based lyric soprano Charlotte Hoather. In keeping with the Sturm und Drang theme Charlotte gave us two highly-charged concert arias – miniature operatic scenes – Ebben, si Vada by J C Bach and Ah, lo Previdi by the precocious 21-year old Mozart.

Impressive as these were, the highlight of the evening for me was Gluck’s Che faro senza Eurydice, Orpheus’ gentle lament for his lost Eurydice, all the more poignant and fragile for being sung at a higher pitch than we usually hear. Skipton audiences will be hoping that Charlotte returns before long to beguile us again.”

The Fire Of Olympus - Burnley

“Rob Barnett – Seen And Heard International 16th September 2019

“Pandora (a very impressive Charlotte Hoather), clad in statuesque white, is Zeus’s much put upon ‘chef du cabinet’”

“There are many poignant moments. I will mention a ‘Queen of the Night’ moment for Pandora.”

Much Ado About Nothing - Northern Opera Group

Martin Dreyer – Opera Magazine (Nov 2019 Edition)

“There was electricity in the pairing of Charlotte Hoather’s bright soprano and vivid theatricality as Hero with Roger Paterson’s eager tenor as Claudio; their love duet in Act 2 was a highlight.”

Much Ado About Nothing - Northern Opera Group

Ron Simpson – The Reviews Hub 25th August 2019

“Without exception, vocal standards are extremely high. Roger Paterson’s tenor [] warms to deliver an intense and assured vocal performance as Claudio, as does Charlotte Hoather whose Hero, as well as being beautifully sung, is unusually spirited.”

Much Ado About Nothing - Northern Opera Group

Geoffrey Mogridge – Ilkley Gazette 24th August 2019

“An excellent young cast delivers strong musical and dramatic characterisations, particularly Roger Patterson’s flexible high tenor as Claudio and Charlotte Hoather’s characterful soprano as Hero []a very fine performance of an operatic rarity.”

Candide - Surrey Opera

Jenni Balow – The Minack Theatre 16th July 2018

“The voices of its nine principle singers are sublime, with Charlotte Hoather giving a remarkable performance on the opening night, effortlessly hitting the top, very high notes, as well as achieving perfect comic timing, in partnership with the impeccable Stephen Anthony Brown.”

Winter Concert - Thames Philharmonic Choir

M N Woodroffe – Thames Philharmonic Choir 9th December 2017

“The last item in the evening was Handel’s Laudate pueri Dominum. This was the splendid opportunity to showcase the talents of Charlotte Hoather, as she joined the choir and augmented orchestra for this setting of Psalm 112. Particularly notable was the heart-rending Sit nomen Domini,the Qui habitare and the final triumph of the Gloria Patri.”

Messiah - Blackburn Music Society

Chris Lenaughan – Blackburn Music Society 2nd December 2017

“The performance was made all the more memorable by the contributions of the four exceptional soloists. Soprano Charlotte Hoather, in her first public performance of this work, mesmerised the audience with the beauty of her singing.”

Bambino - Scottish Opera

Sam Jackson – The Times 11th July 2017

“It was genuinely moving to see a little girl of no more than nine months giggling with delight as the soprano, Charlotte Hoather, imitated bird sounds during a playful, beautiful aria.”

The Little White Town Of Never Weary - Scottish Opera

Peter Callaghan – Reviewsphere 2nd June 2016

“Jessie, a young girl with golden hair and twinkling eyes who is “never lonely when drawing”. Today’s dreams and colour schemes being a white swan on a blue lake, which she shares with her newfound friends of primary school children who surround her on a colourful floor cloth and are held spellbound by her soprano voice: “My name is Jessie. I like to make things. Anything is possible.” The other themes being “patience and imagination” and “friendship and determination”, as voiced by a melodious paper fortune teller…  the four-strong cast led by a sweet-voiced Charlotte Hoather.”